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Upon Second thought

Thoughts are creative.

“Does this mean all of our thoughts? Every single thing we think, every minute, all day long?

No. And it is important to understand this.  Otherwise we’ll wind up making our-selves crazy, trying to monitor every single thought that runs through our mind.

And that is an interesting phrase: “runs through.”  If a thought “runs through” your Mind, it does just that.  It runs through. (more…)

23 Nov 2013

Living Prayer

How you live your life is a prayer to God.  That’s right; what you think, say, and do is all a prayer.  And similar to a scene from the Jim Carey movie “Bruce Almighty,” God always answers yes. Many do not believe that God says yes to everything.  Some will say, “God, I want more money,” then look in their wallet or purse and not see more money and say that God did not say yes.  I tell you this, he said, yes, all right, and you still want more money.

bruce-almighty (more…)

20 Oct 2013