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Kevin McCormack

Kevin McCormack, C.A.d, RYT 200, is a certified yoga teacher and addictions professional, life coach, and interventionist, specializing in individual and family recovery. He enjoys life in long term recovery from addiction. Kevin is a Conversations With God coach and mentor working on special projects with the Conversations with God Foundation.

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My life is in a period of transition, and I couldn’t be happier.  Change is inevitable and oftentimes met with resistance.  Spiritual teachers profess that happiness can be maintained through life changes by letting go of our resistance to them.  Suffering is the result of our unwillingness to accept the transformations as they occur.  Mastery is the result of intentionally inviting change into our lives.

Suffering is the result of our unwillingness to accept the transformations as they occur.

I have reached the point of mastery in my trade without really even knowing I was doing so.  18 years ago, I had my own business subcontracting window treatment installations for decorators and designers in a highly affluent area of New York.  I was very good with my hands and was very successful as a drapery and blind installer.  I had trained to be an interior plantation shutter installer and fell in love with doing those installations. The pay was fantastic, but it was the physical challenges and rewards I really loved.

Very quickly I became the number one installer in the greater New York area, receiving recommendations by the top shutter manufactures and their wholesalers.  Shutters where not terribly popular in the Northeast back then.  And to this day, they still are not nearly as sought after there as they are in the southern and western states of the U.S.  But it was my dream to be just a shutter installer full time.

My business was very successful and financially rewarding. I enjoyed being my own boss.  At the young age of 30, I was doing pretty well.

One day, my then wife came home with the news that she had a great offer to work for a large entertainment company in Orlando, Florida.  She asked me if I was willing to move, and without hesitation, I said yes!  I had never really considered moving from New York, especially to Florida, but I knew that Florida was a good market for shutters.  Three months later, I was living in the Sunshine State.

As soon as I hit the ground in Orlando, I cracked open the phone book and started calling shutter companies to see if any of them needed an installer. I landed a job the very next day.

My time at that job was very short, as I did not resonate with the owner and the product they were using.  I had grown accustomed to working with the very finest shutters in the business and found my standards to be above what that company was used to.  So I turned to the company that had been recommended to me and I gave them a call.  Two days later, I would start working for them.

It has now been 18 years for me with that company and I feel blessed beyond words to have had the opportunity to do what I truly love doing.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I manifested my desires and the universe was more than willing to oblige me.  I have mastered my trade at the highest level because I followed my passion and truly believed that it was possible for me when the opportunity to move presented itself.

I have now come full circle with installing shutters.  I have worked in every aspect of the shutter industry and feel that my time here is nearly complete.  A little over a year ago, I went to my employer and told him that I was beginning to prepare for my next career and that I would likely only be with him for another year.  Now, that year has turned into almost 2, but my plans have not changed.  I told him that the one last thing I wished to accomplish was training a suitable replacement for myself.

I can feel the universe lining up once again in my favor as I invite this change fearlessly into my life.  For the last two weeks, I have been training a new installer, and it appears that he may, in fact, have the very same drive I had over 18 years ago.

A dear friend once told me that he would much rather initiate change in his own life than have life impose its changes upon him.  I couldn’t agree more.  I understand that sometimes change comes in uninvited.

All change is for the better, and even though we may not see that, time will always reveal this great truth.  Today, when I was remembering my decision to move to Florida, I saw the perfection in life and knew that it wasn’t simply luck or coincidence; it was the result of pure desire and passion. If time has not revealed the gift of your change, you are simply not ready to view it yet.

I eagerly await the transition that I am currently under.  At times I think, “Why isn’t this coming faster?”  “What am I doing wrong?”  And then I look back and realize that it just isn’t time yet.  I am doing all the right things.  How do I know this?  Because once again, I am following my passion and my desire, and experience tells me this works.

I try to do something every day that moves me in the direction that I desire to go.  I surround myself with people who will support me in my journey.  I have taken courses to expand my knowledge of the industry I am choosing to be in and feel prepared to seamlessly transition into my next career.  Indeed, I am already doing it!

We are powerful creators as human beings.  Many times we do not credit ourselves enough for the things in our life that bring us joy.  Without having the belief that these things can be ours, we will never have them.

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  • Linda Shaw

    I’m glad to hear your little bit of doubt about your transition, it validates my feelings also that it isn’t quite the time yet, Like you Kevin I am doing nothing wrong. I am living my passion and desire too!

  • Guest

    As you “shutter” our old life, the new has begun. Yes, we, as human beings, are in a constant state of transition. New beginnings happen every moment of every day. It is the
    one who understands this that will be brought to the path of their destiny. My
    friend, know that your destiny has begun. All the struggles you have ever had
    in life, including your addiction, have brought you to this exact moment. It is
    now that the universe has released unto you the ability to be the person you
    were destined to be. Although you are already changing lives, know that this is
    just the beginning. Many have been waiting to hear your message and their wait
    is over. Enjoy the journey my friend…
    Peace, Joy, Love & Abundance,
    Rick Dorociak