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Kevin McCormack

Kevin McCormack, C.A.d, RYT 200, is a certified yoga teacher and addictions professional, life coach, and interventionist, specializing in individual and family recovery. He enjoys life in long term recovery from addiction. Kevin is a Conversations With God coach and mentor working on special projects with the Conversations with God Foundation.

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How you live your life is a prayer to God.  That’s right; what you think, say, and do is all a prayer.  And similar to a scene from the Jim Carey movie “Bruce Almighty,” God always answers yes. Many do not believe that God says yes to everything.  Some will say, “God, I want more money,” then look in their wallet or purse and not see more money and say that God did not say yes.  I tell you this, he said, yes, all right, and you still want more money.


Universal Law tells us that there is no such thing as time. Everything that has happened, or will happen, is happening in the golden moment of NOW.  So when I ask God to provide me with something, I am making a statement that I do not already have it.  When I am thankful for what I have, I am in the moment of NOW and, therefore, do not experience lack. Staying in the NOW can be a huge human challenge.

There is no right way or wrong way to do this, so feel free to experiment with methods that show positive results and discard the ones that do not.  For example, if you notice you have difficulty maintaining serenity doing an everyday task such as driving, you may wish to focus your attention towards creating serenity instead of focusing on the thoughts that take it away.

For me, getting mad or impatient in traffic is a daily consciousness test.  I am well aware that traffic is simply life’s way of telling me to slow down, breathe, and notice that everyone else is simply another version of me and not an obstacle to my happiness or serenity.  Many times, coming back to that belief is enough to center me; other days, I find that I require a little more discipline.  Fortunately, I get the opportunity to work on this daily!


I choose for my prayer to be one of peace and unity with my fellow travelers. This is of the utmost importance to me because I wish for others to have the same desire in their relationship with me.  I believe I am achieving this state of being more and more as my life progresses and I continue to practice. This is the aspect I stress when working with others: we are all doing our very best at every moment.  It may not appear to me that you are doing your best, but while I am busy looking at you, I am not tending to the way I am behaving.

Keeping the focus on me is the only way I can progress into the next phase of who I say I want to be. While I am busy taking your inventory, my personal growth is stagnated.  Also, when I am looking at your behavior as wrong, I cannot achieve a state of contentment because I am being opposed to what is so. When we experience opposition to external stimuli, we sacrifice our own serenity.

So what prayer are you sending out to the world today? Is it bringing you the experience you wish to have?  If not, maybe now is the time to begin anew and choose again.  We are here to be happy, joyous and free.  If you think that you are not capable of that or that God isn’t offering that to you for some reason, I urge you to think again.  God loves us all equally.

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