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Kevin McCormack, C.A.d, RYT 200, is a certified yoga teacher and addictions professional, life coach, and interventionist, specializing in individual and family recovery. He enjoys life in long term recovery from addiction. Kevin is a Conversations With God coach and mentor working on special projects with the Conversations with God Foundation.

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Origination – The practice of using ear reflex points for the relief of pain as well as other health disorders dates back to 500 B.C.

The Chinese were the first to draw a link between the nerve meridians of the body and the ear.  More recently, in 1957,     Dr. Paul Nogier, a physician from France, discovered a pattern of successful treatment for sciatica pain by local lay practitioners  who would cauterize a corresponding point on the ear.  Devoting much of his time to research, he eventually developed the somotopagraphic map of the ear based on the concept of an inverted fetus. His work is published by the German Acupuncture Society.


Utilization – By stimulating the corresponding ear reflex points, there are many beneficial uses for auriculotherapy.  Stimulating certain points in the ear will provide a generally relaxed state of being.  Other points can provide relief of muscle spasms and cramps.  A mild analgesia can be produced, reducing the need for pain medication in some instances.  Auriculotherapy has been used to provide relief from cravings in persons with addictions, obsessions, and compulsiveness. Auriculotherapy has an 80% success rate in helping with smoking cessation. While not to be substituted for any medical condition you may be experiencing, auriculotherapy is a completely non-invasive and holistic complement to your wellness routine.

Application –  There are three frequency zones on the auricle.  Different nerves fire on these frequencies. Using a specially designed micro-current tool, specific points on the ear can be detected and subsequently stimulated with the correct frequency. With 350 points mapped in the ear, all of the bodily systems, organs and limbs are represented.  There are seven master points in the ear.  Master points can always be detected. All other points can only be detected if they are not firing at the correct frequency.

Micro-current is mildly uncomfortable.  It feels similar to a pin prick, although the skin is never breached.  There are 12 intensity levels. We always start at the lowest level and adjust upward until a comfortable level is reached.  The intensity level has no relationship to the effectiveness of the stimulation.  The point is to feel what is happening so that you know it is working.  Sessions typically last around 30 minutes, resulting in most people describing an overall feeling of relaxation.