Monthly Archives: October 2013

Perfectly imperfect

If there was one word in our language that I wish we could eliminate, or at least redefine, it would be the word “perfect.”  Actually, not the word itself, but rather the idea that we are somehow inherently less than or in need of being improved upon, and that the only way to experience a life of happiness, joy, and freedom is to be, do, or have something different than we are already being, doing, or having.


31 Oct 2013

Living Prayer

How you live your life is a prayer to God.  That’s right; what you think, say, and do is all a prayer.  And similar to a scene from the Jim Carey movie “Bruce Almighty,” God always answers yes. Many do not believe that God says yes to everything.  Some will say, “God, I want more money,” then look in their wallet or purse and not see more money and say that God did not say yes.  I tell you this, he said, yes, all right, and you still want more money.

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20 Oct 2013

My will be done

My life is in a period of transition, and I couldn’t be happier.  Change is inevitable and oftentimes met with resistance.  Spiritual teachers profess that happiness can be maintained through life changes by letting go of our resistance to them.  Suffering is the result of our unwillingness to accept the transformations as they occur.  Mastery is the result of intentionally inviting change into our lives.

17 Oct 2013